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Reduce IT Support - Costs & Requests

Faronics Deep Freeze makes computers indestructible and prevents against unwanted workstation changes regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious. Deep Freeze is proven to reduce helpdesk support incidents and allows IT personnel to focus on more strategic IT needs.



What’s new in Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.51?

1. Manage configurations from inside Enterprise Console.
2. Automatically apply configuration changes.
3. Schedule Windows updates from Enterprise Console.
4. Detect and/or lock touchscreen activity.
5. Two new items reporting to the console:
- Configuration name
- Operating system
6. Manage Faronics Anti-Virus!

7. Formatting Thaw Space is now availble from the Enterprise Console

Reduce Support Costs

With its reboot to restore technology, Faronics Deep Freeze offers the strongest protection available and eliminates the need for IT professionals to reconfigure, re-image, or troubleshoot computers, reducing support incidents by up to 63%.

Trinity Valley Community College has four campuses with nearly 550 lab computers, and every campus runs Faronics Deep Freeze on their lab computers. In fact, any of the computer labs that fall under our care must have Faronics Deep Freeze installed. Our computer technicians love it; it's the only way they can manage the labs in addition to the user computers. Deep Freeze seriously reduces the number of support calls we receive. The lab monitors have learned they can reboot and fix 99% of the issues. We absolutely love Deep Freeze and cannot imagine running our labs without it.

- Alicia McLain, Sr. Systems Administrator, Trinity Valley Community

Free up IT Resources

IT personnel does not need to worry about file congestion, system configuration changes, undesired applications/software, or hard drive degradation because Deep Freeze ensures unwanted personal information is never retained by the computer. Deep Freeze allows IT personnel to focus and work on more strategic IT needs for the organization rather than respond to avoidable help-desk requests. Deep Freeze users manage up to 12% more desktops per employee.

Since we began using Faronics Deep Freeze 4 years ago we have not had to call anyone. Deep Freeze has saved us from many hours of lost sleep and stress, and allowed us to make the most of the technology and staff we have.

- Darryl Davis, Network Administrator, Keystone Community Resources, Clarks Summit, PA

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