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Nefsis: Video Conferencing Solution

The Most Powerful Conferencing Software

As the cloud computing technology leader in the video conferencing industry, Nefsis ease-of-use, high-quality and fast desktop sharing appeals to businesses of all sizes — and our emphasis on industry standards, off-the-shelf video peripherals and security, more than satisfies their IT managers.

Like many online service breakthroughs, Nefsis simplifies what used to be a complicated task: video conferencing among multiple offices and employees. Now that video conferencing is easy, fast and inexpensive, and requires no infrastructure changes, it's no surprise that small and medium-sized business customers represent our fastest growing market segment


The new approach to video conferencing: cloud computing and standard peripherals.
Nefsis Online gives you fast, easy, and secure video conferencing online services at the click of a mouse – desktop to conference room, webcam to HD.


Go with Nefsis Dedicated for the most powerful Web, VoIP & video conferencing software, with robust IT controls over on-premise access, routing and security. Learn More...




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