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Live Webcasting for Long Distance Learning


Muntada Live Video Streaming solution maximizes the reach and value of multimedia presentations, streaming live or archived content to both users on demand and live viewers. With Muntada solution, organizations can record content such as distance education or training programs.


Achieve the kind of impact that can only be accomplished when individuals collaborate. Muntada Streaming Service facilitates interaction between groups, amongst departments, and across divisions by providing an environment where people can speak out, be heard, and get involved to make a difference in the company. Make sure that the training you provide for your company's employees gives them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at their jobs. At the same time, convince company executives that an effective and timely training program benefits the company and contributes to the bottom line. Muntada Streaming Services helps you do both — superior training without breaking the bank.

Complement your training programs with Muntada Streaming Services virtual classrooms and e-learning solutions. Stretch your training resources by eliminate logistical barriers. Trainers and experts can now reach more people, more frequently, without the costs of travel, accommodations, resources, and especially employee downtime. See how easy it is to hold an Muntada Streaming Services webcast training session or virtual classroom — with audio, video, images and more.


Long Distance Learning Concept


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